Monday, July 27, 2009

Kenzie's first cereal!

I am so ecstatic that my little girl just started her first rice cereal and she is lovin it!!! I can't get over how quickly the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday we brought her home and now here she is, almost five months old, keeping her mouth open for lunchtime and can't get enough! And all the while, she laughs and makes silly faces!

Do you ever have one of those, I can't believe this is my life kinda days? Even though it isn't filled with millions of dollars, flashy sports cars or mansions, my life just seems so full and I really think I am blessed. Every once in a while I have this type of day where I just look around and am like Wow! I am soooo very lucky. I have this great guy who loves me, a beautiful healthy and ridiculously happy baby girl who is the apple of my eye, three awesome dogs, a roof over my head and thanks to my Quaker weight control formula oatmeal, a very full tummy!!! I really hope that everyone else has this same kind of joy when they reflect on their own lives.

Oh and McKenzie loves the movie Barnyard, she laughs the whole way through! And it's on again...I think I may have it memorized come the end of this week!

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Sweet CuddleCakes said...

AWW, look at the eyes on her! She is gorgeous!!