Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hot Chocolate and Shutterfly!

I was very pleased when I was recently contacted by Shutterfly and was asked to do a promotional piece of their 2010 Holiday Cards ! Woo-Hoo’s abounded throughout my home! I love Shutterfly and have used it in the past with great success. No having to go to the store, no having to worry about poor supermarket or discount store quality and you can personalize so many items that you, quite honestly, could spend days looking through the Shutterfly website.

I love sending and receiving photo cards – those are the ones I always keep and can you even believe there are over designs available at Shutterfly?! Incredible! With this vast selection, there is certainly something there for everyone – whether your holiday card will focus on your family, your pets or just you, if you want it to be funny, classic, religious, whimsical – there is no shortage of styles for you to browse through and customize.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for the “perfect” Photo Christmas Cards that will feature my family this holiday season and I ended up deciding that the Glad Plaid Green will suit us the best! Why did I choose this one? Well, our family is quite traditional. I really appreciate things that are classic and timeless and I want to have a card go out to someone and they can keep it on their fridge and “show it off” to their friends and family. Heck, my daughter’s cute, she should be shown off! I love the colours also, they give a nice and warm, almost rustic feeling when I look at them. For some reason it makes me think of visiting the tree farm as a child and spending all day in the snow, with rosy red cheeks and finishing it all off with a warm hot chocolate. I love Christmas! I absolutely cannot wait for these cards to be sent out this year and am expecting many, many compliments. I’ll be sure to tell them I got them from Shutterfly and then they’ll all be shocked when I let them know how ridiculously affordable they are!!!

I know there are so many families out there who love including a yearly review in the form of a letter that goes over all of the exciting things that have happened the past year. Did you know, Shutterfly actually lets you do this in the form of a Holiday Story Card ?! Wouldn’t this be a creative way to present all of the accomplishments and fun things you and your family have been up to? And it’s so unique that I’m certain not many people have seen presented this way!

With the holiday season upon us as I write this post, I realize that before I know it we will be welcoming in 2011. I love this time of year; it is whimsical, charming and just plain fun. My decorations have already started going up! And yes, it’s a lot of work!!! I’m sure it’s equally as time consuming for all of you. So why not take some of the burden off of yourself, sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and let Shutterfly prepare your family’s 2010 Christmas cards. You will be guaranteed high-quality, unique products and you’ll save some time, even if it just buys you some more cuddle time with your kids!

Happy Holidays and have fun browsing Shutterfly – I promise you’ll be hooked!

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